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exporter of Kokum syrup

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From Nothing to Best Manufacturer and Exporter of Kokum Syrup in the World::--From Starting I want to Become World's Best Exporter and Manufacturer of KoKum Syrup. So In starting phase of our business I am manufacturing Kokam Syrup at my Home in very less quantity and use to supply Door to Door. Then After few years when our customer increases I took a store on rent and start selling kokum syrup, I am the only one in the whole of London who is selling Home Made Kokum Syrup and this is the reason that my customer is increasing day by day. And from starting of my business I know that for getting more customer you have to manufacture the product as the customer wants and in London people are not getting natural kokum syrup so I took the advantage and start manufacturing the natural kokum juice and I also invited many customers to my house to show them how exactly I prepare the Kokum Juice from natural kokum fruits and I win their trust. After opening the store I come to know that in the whole world everyone needs natural kokum juice so I start visiting many countries and get in touch with the dealers and start supplying in various countries but to go and meet with various buyer along various countries is very time taking and expensive process. So I thought of doing it online as we all know it is very less time taking and cheap also. So I get My website ready and Start my business online and after a lot of hard work of 10 years, I became the Best Manufacturer and Exporter of Kokum Syrup in the world and also certified by WHO for selling the Natural Kokam Syrup.