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We at KS Agriseller UK provide our customers with exceptional quality Kokum syrup. Over the years, the name KS Agriseller UK has become tantamount to the term Kokum syrup. Our name is paramount among the others and has reputed customers from across the globe. They trust us with their health and well-being, and this speaks volume about our products.
Our purpose is to make more people aware of this miraculous fruit and its products. We have been manufacturing Kokum syrup for years and have gained in-depth knowledge about the same. This knowledge becomes our acquaintance in bringing out the best properties of Kokum and making sure they are retained in the products.

What is Kokum?

Garcinia indica or Kokum is a monoecious and evergreen tree. Kokum is a fruit-bearing tree with culinary, medicinal, and industrial applications. They can be found in forests, riverbanks, and wastelands. They prefer evergreen habitats, but they can also grow in areas with low rainfall. They do not require irrigation, pesticides or fertilisers. Garcinia indica is native to India's Western Ghats region, which runs along the country's western coast. In India, 17 of the 35 species are endemic. Seven of these are endemic to the Western Ghats, six to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and four to India's northeastern region.

Physical Properties of Kokum

• The Kokum tree can reach a height of 18 metres.

• When the trees reach maturity, they form a pyramid shape.

• The fruit is a purple berry of a size of an orange with a fleshy endocarp.

Physical Properties of Kokum

• The seeds are packed and encased in the acidic pulp.

• The fresh fruit is preserved with sugar to produce bright-red squash, which is then diluted with water and packed for sale as Kokum Sarbat or syrup.

• The plant's fruit contains five to eight large seeds, accounting for 20-23 per cent of the fruit's weight.

• The kernels make up for 61 per cent of the seed's weight, whereas the oil content accounts for about 44 per cent.

Health Benefits of Kokum

• Kokum is an excellent immunity booster. It has remarkable anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

• Kokum syrup can improve intestinal health and provide relief from indigestion and acidity.

• Keeping it healthy, young and glowing, Kokum is a blessing for the skin.

• Aided with anti-oxidant properties, Kokum helps in keeping diabetes in check.

• The syrup acts as a natural coolant in summers.

• Kokum has high nutritional value. It helps in maintaining overall health.

• Kokum can enhance the health of our liver.

Our Kokum Syrup

We are one of the foremost brands dealing in Kokum Syrup in India, the UK, and many other countries. Our Kokum products are enriched with all the benefits of the Kokum fruit and are made from the finest quality Kokum. Kokum is high in nutrients and fibres. It contains 60 calories and approximately 2 grammes of fibre per100 grammes of Kokum. It also has vitamin A, B3, C, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese, and zinc, folic acid, acetic acid and hydroxy citric acid. We leverage all such salient characteristics of Kokum and produce healthy and organic Kokum syrup and juice.

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